Thursday, January 19, 2017

Large Format Shenanigans

Hello film lovers!

This is the tweet (now pinned on my profile) that started it -

1st 2017 giveaway- Harman Titan 4x5 pinhole camera to one lucky follower. Quote this tweet with tag - draw on Feb 22nd 2017

To kickstart a bigger and better giveaway season this 2017, I am doing my first giveaway for the new year -

Ilford HARMAN TiTAN 4 x 5" Pinhole Camera

Initially I was going to give away the more basic version of this pinhole (the ILFord obscura pinhole kit)

  • After using it myself, I am convinced this TiTAN 4x5 is a purer 4x5 pinhole experience with the ability to use film holders and not needing a dark bag out in the field.
  • Also since I could not find a kit online, I am going to throw in one 4x5 film holder and some 4x5 film to make sure you are not stranded waiting to shoot this amazing camera.

Here is the B&H Photo link to the item the winner will receive - Giveaway plus you will get one 4x5 film holder and some ILFord 4x5 film from me.

So there it is guys! Your chance to win and experience a fantastic 4x5 pinhole system.

Here are the house rules -

(1) All you have to do to enter the draw is quote my announcement tweet, now pinned on my twitter profile - @ribnar with the hashtag #ribs2017pinhole

(2) Remember to hit the follow button, in case you do not follow me on twitter already.

(3) Limit your quotes/entries to one per twitter account.

Fine Print

By participating in this free for you giveaway, you agree to my decision to pick a random winner and also accept that I am not liable for any claim legal or otherwise and that you indemnify me of any issues/losses you may face as a result of participating. In other words please play fair.

I will deeply appreciate if you all keep sharing this till the grand draw on Feb 22nd at 9pm US Central time when one winner will be randomly picked.

Happy pinholing dear peeps!!

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