Saturday, June 04, 2016

The #nogearnofear Show and Tell - Dev/Scan

Hello #nogearnofear participants!

Just finished developing the first 24 rolls in 3 batches, and wanted to share your work knowing well all of you participants are eagerly waiting to see results.

Also started doing final scans and uploads to Flickr albums - the first 6 participant's listed below have their work scanned and ready to view. I will keep updating this page as I keep adding more scans, so please check back.

If you have not done so already, do swing by the #nogearnofear Flickr site dedicated to the contest ready scans of each participant's work - here.

My Dev Workflow/Recipe

My aim is to follow a repeatable and simple process that remains consistent over all my dev work so as not to create a variable/factor in the outcome.

To give you a BTS of my workflow,
  • I use a highly scientific process to randomly pick 8 rolls from my todo bin and load up my Paterson 8-reel tank.
  • Then I do a standard HC-110 semi stand with 3 min pre-soak.
  • To be precise, chemistry wise, I soup 7ml of concentrate in 1L of distilled water because that works for me just fine! The Paterson chugs 2.5L of developer at a time.
  • I develop for 45-mins with 2 turns half way.
  • Next stop in distilled water
  • Finally Fix for 5 mins in TF5
  • Final wash and photoflo - regular  
  • Next I dry the negatives in a highly dust controlled environment...nah just my squat rack in the basement.

I will post the names and a light table thumbnails for each participant's work which has -
  • Dived and emerged unscathed from the HC-110 soup and 
  • I have their developed negatives clean and dry in a printfile sleeve safe with me. 
This preview is to just give you a taste of what I will eventually scan. Click on the photo to see a bigger version.

Keep checking back in case you do not see your name, it will show up, i promise.

The first batch of 8 developed June 03, 2016:

(1) Karen Wade 

(2) Kenneth Groning P

(3) John Scott

(4) Lisa

(5) William Wetmore


(6) Margaret Jones

(7) Simon Whitehead

(8) Becky Ruppel

The Second batch of 8 developed June 03, 2016:

Click on the photos to see a bigger version.

(9) Jonas

(10) Edward Conde

(11) Sandeep Sumal

(12) Thomas Way

(13) Leslie Adams

(14) William Geis

(15) Dustin Veitch

(16) Anthony Chatain

The Third batch of 8 developed June 05, 2016:

Click on the photos to see a bigger version.

(17) Tim Dobbs

(18) Joshua Wiederin

(19) Tim Massie

(20) Joan Arkham

(21) Issac Lagarda

(22) Stephen Sostaric

(23) Alina Yakubova *

(24) Maite Pons *

The Fourth batch of 8 developed June 07, 2016:

Click on the photos to see a bigger version.

(25) Jan Van Der Gaag

(26) August Kelm

(27) Tashia Walters

(28) Lance King

(29) Denise

(30) Philip Constant *

(31) Gemma

(32) Daniel Schneider *

(33) Toby Van de Velde

(34) Diz

(35) Martin Smith


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