Wednesday, June 08, 2016

#nogearnofear J Doe penalty

Hello #nogearnofear participants!

I have decided to take an executive decision to dock 3 points from final judging total of all participants who have not included the ID plate in their submissions.  Honestly it is a hell of a lot better situation than the contest rules that warrant immediate disqualification.

I have been easy on this situation till I developed the 4th batch of 8 rolls and lo and behold! Four out of eight have no ID shots. Also all non-IDed rolls have used up all exposures to shoot contest categories vs legit ID shooters who lose a couple frames in the process and stand to be at a disadvantage.

So here is the deal fellas, read on:

(1) All non identified negatives will be marked J Doe with a number e.g. J Doe #2, J Doe #4 etc. and posted with thumbnails.

(2) None of the unclaimed J Doe negs will be scanned for Flickr album till someone claims them.

(3) Once they are identified, there will be an asterisk against the names and after judging, 3 points will be deducted from their total.

(4) This is done to be fair to participants who shot ID plates and in the process used up exposures they could have used to shoot other photos. I am seeing all the non ID-ed rolls having an unfair advantage in this case.

I think this is a fair approach. If you are not ok, let me know and your name will be withdrawn from the contest.

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Проза жизни said...

Aha! That explains the star.