Friday, March 30, 2007

Ok So I am Injured - Lessons from the Body Transformation I

Beginning a body transformation, or in other words, loosing weight in a healthy way is both an art as well as science. Now the science might be 80% in weightage, but the rest 20% of artistry, I will vouch, is a must. This is my second innings at body transformation, having done a successful Xform 5 years back where I went from 90kilos to a healthy 78 kilos in a span of 8 months. Well next I got married, got a life and went back to 95kilos again.

This time around, I have decided to not only loose the pounds, but also give my body a good set of muscles. And hence this time around, it is more a bodybuilder's plan. My goal is to have a decent physique by December 2007 and to be around 80 kilos with about 12-15% bodyfat levels.

I have started a self-designed regime on 1st March 2007 with bodyweight 95kilos at probably an obsend 28%+ bodyfat level. I did not have the guts to get a caliper test done. So initial idea was to loose 5kilos in one month and am happy to report being at 90kilos on March 27th, 2007 with decent progress.

So my aim not being a California Style Bodybuilder who just works out delts (shoulders), biceps and pectorals (chest). I have divided my weight training into broadly upper/lower body and am concentrating mainly on pectorals and quads (legs) for a overall weak point training.

I will in my next posts provide you exact routines and diet details but for now, after a smith machine squat session of 130kilos for 3 sets and 120kilos 5 sets, my back is injured. And it is not just sore legs but a really bad upper and lower back stress fracture with spinal injury. Not too alarming but still I guess my excitement of being able to squat 30% more than my bodyweight was shortlived.

But as I recuperate (off weights for 2 weeks), the diet is still as rigorous as I follow on my workout days. So I will now have time to blog about my first 4 weeks. Hope to give you readers, a exact plan of what works and what not.

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