Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Next "e" is "s"

The next digital revolution is actually social. Just look around you and see how the s for social phenomenon is gripping everything that is e for electronic. I am very sure the next millions of dollars will be made in the s-domain. Currently I am thinking of some entrepreneural ideas on the s-word. Hope to have something concrete in place soon. Some of the ideas that could be explored are:

(1) A social network of all Madhubani painters in Bihar and an auctioning site that directly links buyers to painters.

(2) A social portal of job seekers and recruiters who "socialize" and hire. Kind of taking features of Linked-IN and Orkut together.

(3) Taking content management to the next level and talk of social skill management.

Wow! let me add more meat to these thoughts in my next blogs.

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