Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Open Internet Explorer from inside Firefox as a Tab

As a Firefox user,often people face situations, where, in the middle of their browsing, they hit a site which is designed for MS Internet Explorer. It can be your payroll site outsourced, or a MS Windows update site. It becomes a pain to relaunch IE and sometimes just out of sheer laziness, you pass up the chance to get into these sites.

Despair no more!... 'coz here is a cool Firefox plugin that allows you to open IE as a tab from inside Firefox. You can choose to open these links in IE without having to go and launch IE seperately and copy and paste the URL.
The extension is called "IE Tab Options" and you can download it here

Just choose to open the site in IE right from Firefox. Hey this is a age of participation and we should try and maximize our browsing experience rather than get into ugly browser wars.

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