Thursday, May 31, 2007

Get a handle on your upper-inner chest development by adding extra tension

YOUR CHEST WORKOUT has come a long way over the years. You use heavy presses, trade off between incline and decline moves and pound the pec-deck pretty hard to wrap things up. Heck, you even toss in some dips or push-ups at the end if you can still move your arms.

But there's an area you've neglected: your upper-inner chest. To accurately target this tough-to-develop region (and to undo that next button on your dress shirt, shame-free) requires a plan of attack that goes above and beyond your average cookie-cutter chest routine.

Which move would you pick to bombard this oft-ignored area?


This is one area in which cables are king. Their constant tension allows you to tax your inner chest in a way that dumbbells simply don't allow. Crossing your hands at the top allows you to stress this area
through a greater range of motion, thus promoting more growth. BULLSEYE

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