Thursday, June 09, 2016

Some handy #nogearnofear links

Important #nogearnofear info/links for participants:

Congratulations Tashia Walters for winning the 2016 contest.

Judging began 24th June, 2016 and the window/form to submit your top choices closed on June 20th 2016 11pm EST. Results declared 27th June, 2016

About the Contest

During the month of May this year and hopefully every year going forward, I am planning a #nogearnofear contest.

The aim is to get us out of our comfort zone and use simple gear to get good results. Yes you got me right, no fancy-shmancy cameras and lenses. Back to basics guys - test of what you do with one roll of film and natural or artificial light. More precisely, on a 35mm 24 exposure film (actually 27). 

Only issue - you will shoot a not so fancy BW disposable camera (the ILFord HP5+ camera) and eventually pick your best 4 photos for the contest, one for each of 4 genres that will be judged. 

For the contest will have 4 genres -

  • Street, 
  • Landscape, 
  • Architecture and 
  • Portrait. 
Each contestant can submit max 6 photos for each category. So 4 genres X 6 photos = 24 exposures for one submission per candidate.

And btw you don't get to develop your roll and spread digital pixie dust - you mail me your camera, I develop and scan it, create a public folder and you get to see your photos and choose the 4 best for each genre for the contest.

Some Handy Links

  • About the contest camera - ILFord HP5+ disposable - here
  • View/Recap Contest Rules/Details - here
  • View Important Contest Dates - here

Meet the Participants

  •  List of contest registrations - here
  • All 35 final contest submissions - here

The Participant's Work 

  • View thumbnails of negatives - here
  • The J Doe penalty - here
  • View the final contest ready scans on Flickr - here


  • Submit your final photo selections per category for contest judging - here


  • Congratulations Tashia Walters for winning the 2016 contest.
  • Final category results for 2016 #nogearnofear - here


Request your #nogearnofear negatives - here 
(postage free in US but international shipping needs to be covered by participant)

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