Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Spreading the Holiday Cheer, for families who can't afford large format film portraits

With the holiday season winding down, I am thinking this will be a great time to again do large format film portraits for families who cannot afford professionals. I'd like to believe that the results will be closer to what professionals can achieve even though I am not a pro. But what do I know?

I did this a few years back for 2 families and it was a super fun experience. Before we go further, want to share something that is important. I can do this because I am not a professional photographer. My livelyhood does not depend on photography. I don't expect professionals to reciprocate nor people should expect the same from them. Photography is hard and laborious and please do not interpret this as a reason to go ask a professional to do the same. I would not want to write free code for someone at my day job. I sincerely hope we are on the same page. Now that I got this out of the way, the details:

I believe photography in today's world is a lot about technology being a great leveler. Be it the film format or sensor size and plethora of techno mumbo jumbo like low light capabilities, resolution, lenses and so on - with cheaper analog and digital prosumer cameras, low cost post-production and in-home analog and digital darkrooms, technology has changed how people look at, and practice the craft of photography.

If there is one way to summarize technology, it is the fact that it lowers entry barriers, makes the playing field level and gives everyone an equal chance to succeed. Times are hard now and I know many who would rather put food on the table than get a professional family portrait done.

Me and S (who does most of my post production work), have decided to donate 25 hours for families who cannot afford to get a professional large format portrait done. We are calling it the ChinUpChicago Initiative - a play of words on...well nothing. Just trying to spread some holiday love.

The rules are simple - to begin, we will select 5 families from the Chicago area (please send us a couple lines on why you should be on this list - tweet/DM/email anything works), and we will have you over at a convenient location, spend 1-2 hrs per family and shoot 3 portraits. I will even give you printed copies for the photos if you like the photos.

All we ask in return is to pay this gesture forward by doing something for your charity of choice or your community. This is completely honor based, and we won't police this.

I am @ribnar on twitter which has some of my work in case you are wondering if this is worth your time. If this small try is successful, we intend to join forces with other photographers and expand the scope.

Standard Disclaimer (we have a longer version, ask and we shall provide):

(1) Selection will be based purely on our judgement, a reference letter from local church, charity will be awesome - idea is to really help people who need this.
(2) You will need to sign a model release form to allow us to photograph you and family.
(3) No compensation will be provided and none will be expected for the photo shoots.

If you do not like the photos, too bad don't blame me! Think of this as a fun couple hours with some old cameras and since I shoot film, there will be no instant gratification. You will have to wait to see the photos. I will email the photos and if you like them I will print an 8x10 size free of charge for you to keep.

Contact - radribnar{at}gmail{dot}com OR twitter.com/ribnar

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