Saturday, January 24, 2009

Did you dip today? And More on pec vs tricep focus

Dips are one of the most basic exercises, and as such, often overlooked. In this day and age there is a preponderance of sophisticated equipment overflowing from most gyms. So dips easily get lost in the shuffle. But “don’t sleep on” dips.

Significant mass, muscularity and strength can be developed using this simple movement. Both the chest and triceps are primary movers, but there is a way to shift the impact depending on what you are trying to work. Here are the tips so you get the most out of dips.

To focus on the chest, you need to round your back and lean your torso forward throughout the entire rep range. This angle, creates a leverage disadvantage and forces the chest to “shoulder” the brunt of the strain. If you can’t “get it” right away, think about putting your torso into an abdominal “crunch” position.

To focus on the triceps, utilize the opposite protocol. This time the key is to keep the body upright, with the back slightly arched throughout the entire rep range. You should feel like you’re pushing yourself both back and up. As with every exercise, make sure to lower slowly and squeeze at the top of each rep.

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