Friday, September 29, 2006

Explaining Human Behavior by defining the 9 planes/dimensions

Often philosophers have used varied instruments to explain the human thinking. After all, the complexities of the human mind/brain are truely vast and unfortunately 2oth century physics has not yet created the perfect physical model to describe them. One issue that I am considering of late is the evolution of the human brain. In other words, how do we distinguish a person who is able to do clairvoince or tele-kinesis. Or how are some people able to see aliens/spirits. What is so special about mediums who connect with the "other-world". What is this other world? And how does one explain this in usual english? One of my readings talked about dimensional analysis to explain different planes on which human beings live. And I am giving a gist of what I studied below. Feel free to comment on this.

1st dimensional plane: This plane consists of only the single dimension of length. It is not advised to try to envision this dimension for it may cause insanity, seriously.

2nd dimensional plane: This plane consists of both length and width. It is not adviable to envision this either. The first and second planes are not the same as the fourth dimension and are uncomprehendable except by entities "living" in that plane of thought and sight.

3rd dimensional plane: This is the plane of depth. This one is easily imagined by 4th dimensional entities, because they are so close to it, and had just passed out of it.

4th dimensional plane: This is the plane that the entities that we call beings "live" on. It consists of the forward movement of time. It is the one we are on right now. The cross-over: This is a place where the 4th dimensional entities make their way into the 5th and above. It is often refered to as death, yet it is only a cross-over point. At this point, all knowledge of the 4th and below dimensions is lost.

5th dimensional plane: This plane consists of the backwards movement of time. Although considered impossible by 4th dimensional entities, those entities are only thinking in the 4th dimensional phase. Remember everything else from here on out is done in metaphysical thinking.

6th dimensional plane: This is the plane of clairvoyance. Remember, all of this you must assume, or no comprehension of the later explanations will be understood. Not much is known about this plane, except you "inhabit" the sense of clairvoyance.

7th dimensional plane: This is the plane of telekinesis. This is even less understood than the plane of clairvoyance, yet it does exist. This often thought of as "supernatural", when in fact it a real thing.

8th dimensional plane: This is the plane of perception. It is the highest any entity can evolve to. It consists of all the planes from five and up.

9th dimensional plane: God. Refered to by many, but understood by few. All cultures and beings, be it from our world or others, have this vision. God created all life, so all life lives by him. These are the explanations of all the dimensional planes. Dimensional planes are achieved by the evolution of the mind/soul/entity, which are all the same thing. Evolution is a continual learning process. As we evolve we understand more, yet raise more questions. This theory is to help those understand the answers to many questions concerning God and the "supernatural". One thing is assumed. We are not the only lifeforms in this universe. All lifeforms were created by God, and will evolve through the process God laid forth unto us. The universe is infinitely large, which shows God's power is also infinitely large.

Based on above conjecture, I set to explain common notions of this world by these 9 planes below:

Explanation of "Insane Persons":

An insane person is thought of as a person without the ability to think clearly and comprehend things on a 4th dimensional basis. They are not "insane". That is a term 4th dimensional entities give to those entities which are not on the the same thought plane that the other entities are on. Every plane is just a level of thought process. Evolution is a continuing process of learning. The "insane" persons of a 4th dimensional community are not on the same thought plane we consider ourselves on.

Explanation of "supernatural" powers

This deals with the idea of persons who are able to channel their psychic powers to do physical things. This also deals with fortune tellers and People who can see the future, i.e. Nostradameus. These occurances are also explained by the thought level that these entities are on. They are actually 6th or 7th dimensional beings stuck in a 4th deminsional body. Because 99.8% of the population of the 4th dimension only thinks in 4 dimensions, they are often considered "supernatural", "witches". The people who do know how to do these things have been concentrating all their lives to use this "super" power givin to them by God. If everone thought on the 8th dimension, there would be no use for a God. It is all a process of learning and comprehending.

Explanation of "Ghosts, Spirits, and Poltergeists"

This is about the simplest thing to explain. As I stated above, all entities co-exist in the same universe, for there is only one, which is infinite. Sometimes, 4th dimensional beings see things they aren't "supposed" to see. People are brought up with the idea ghosts are science-fiction, when in fact they are a real thing. Sometimes these entities accidently cross back for a few seconds, years, or minutes.

Explanation of Heaven or the Kingdom of God

This is fairly easily comprehended, if one thinks beyond the 4th dimension. It is but the enternity at the other side of the cross-over. What do you think the "light at the end of the tunnel" is? It is the "other side" or 5th dimension. People lose their physical bodies and are "able to fly" around. This also explains the angels 4th dimensional beings continually say are immortal.

Explanation of Immortality

Immortality is an easily comprehendable concept, if one thinks of a positive charge and a negative charge. When thrown together, they cancel each other out. This is the same priciple when you combine forward and reverse time together. After you make the cross-over, your mind adapts to backwards time, yet when backwards time collides with forward time it cancels it out. Therefore the state of immortality is reached.

The one constant

There is but one constant in all the dimensions. Plank's constant is only valuable in 4th dimensional science and so is the speed of light. There is only one constant in all of the 9 dimensions. It is the emotions. No one can explain emotions accurately. Emotions are the only constant of the co-existant universe. Think about it. Why do you think the "ghosts" are happy, sad, angry, etc., etc., when you see them. It is because of the power and intensity of the emotional constant. When emotions of the 5th and above dimensional entities gains great intensity, it then is transfered to all other dimensions.

That about does it for this post. That pretty much explains everything that I can think of dealing with the unexplainable. If you can think of any more, leave a comment below. I will ponder for the answer, until I can get a suitable one using this theory. None will be turned away. Who knows, maybe I'll get enough quetions to write another post.


Anonymous said...

so first dimension is length
second is length*width
third is length*width*depth
fourth is length*width*depth*time
i agree with this part mostly except:
time should be timelength
fifth should be fourth*timewidth
sixth should be fifth*timedepth
seventh and up should be sixth*advancedemotion*3d

Candice said...

Body, mind and senses are mearly a vehicle for Soul when on the physical plane. You are corect, this is shed when soul translates into the next plane,because it is not needed.Then there is the awareness of universal knowledge.

Anonymous said...

The following is not a point of veiw it is fact from first hand living. You call it the 9 planes, but in truth it is this way, There are a certain number of people who are born then grow old to die, then from these numbers are them who have died before growing old to there place one is placed who never was born and is never to die, I am in my 40's now and when I was 11 years old I seen and heard some of the same people I do now and they are listed as a few years younger than me, They have no knoledge of when I seen them before or that time, they eleive themselfs to always been who and where they are now, in truth they are older than I, for example the one who is 38 now was 38 in 1977 when I first seen him and I was 11 and now he is 38 again and I am near 42, you do the math but is much older than I, and from are memories them who live to die and the remembered actions of them who circle time like a puppet are the so called 9 planes and the gifts there of,,you can never change nothing nor give a puppet enough proof, there is nothing to be gained by the understanding except a waist of your living years trying to make changes or do things different that was done before in time so that a better outcome would be..So thus is the saying LIVE AND LET LIVE, not a day goes by that I dont know what will happen tomorrow, and trust me the shitty days dont make the grass greener for later days, so charis the good times and put in your time and lets get done here so we who do live and die dont have to return to born again to go through it again..Its time we all decide to leave them behind and we go forward to a place we was traveling beforing coming across those I speak of for it is the knowledge of them and are will and want to enlighten and help them that destroys us, and gives them a new place to start. In the sence of double talk the same is the same in the creation and path evolution of the computor. the problem with bot computor and them i speak of is there is "NOGATE!"

Anonymous said...

i am 16 years old and i have been reading alot of this 9 dimension stuff.. and it all makes no sense to me.. would someone mind explaining it in more simpler terms. especially the guy who said the 11 years old thing.. That made me really curious.. I sort of understand what you were saying but there was a slight bit of no idea in there..

Anonymous said...

In need of dimensional laws in which the universe lives on. if one had some special powers, to recognize them using the 9 dimensions studies and alchemy, couldn't one develope spiritual growth but not in the way of the new age but modern human evolution?
How could one decode these dimensions and inforce some laws.