Monday, February 07, 2005

Solaris 10 and beyond

I have always been able to use Linux (especially Debian) as my primary desktop OS and somehow do without Windoz. Of course, it was not easy and I am sure newbies brought up on Windoz will find it a bit more difficult to make this transition.

However, when we see price differences, viz-a-viz features, and especially every programmer worth her salt should discourage use of pirated software, I somehow feel the need to have a cost effective alternative to the MS options. Linux defenitely is there as an alternative. However, Intellectual property is something that has come back to bite some of these linux distributions. I feel strongly about protecting the IP of different individuals that have created amazing software.

Solaris 10 is now open source and it indemnifies IP too. Apart from the formidable features like ZFS, Zones, DTrace and about 500 new features, what it provides is a sense of relief that you might not be infringing on IP. I think it is a great piece of software and every developer should try out the latest GA (generally available) version. Also Solaris 10 works great on x86 PCs and it will be great to hear comments that you guys have on the OS

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