Thursday, June 09, 2016

#nogearnofear Participant Photo Entry Form

Hello #nogearnofear contestants!

Here below is a recap of contest shooting rules and judging/scoring. In order to score your work, we need you to select your best shot in each category. The form below will let me collect this information and I highly appreciate your cooperation.

Please do NOT submit multiple forms as this will lead to confusion, chaos, distress and possible elimination of your entry from contest considerations. Remember the J Doe situation before you get trigger happy!



(1) You shoot your BW disposable, 6 photos per genre for a total of 24 exposures.
(2) You send me the camera and I dev/scan/categorize and publish your work.
(3) You choose the best 4 photos you want to enter for the contest, one each per category. 


Judges will score the top 3 photos in each category as follows:

(1) Each judge chooses their top 3 photos for each genre and scores their picks.

(2) Scoring is simple - top pick 3 points, next 2 points and third pick 1 point.

(3) At the end of voting phase, we will add points and decide top 3 for each category.

Highest points win and so on.

The final #nogearnofear winner is the individual with highest points total across all 4 categories.

Important Deadline

Please Remember: Judging begins 24th June, 2016 and the window/form to submit your top choices will close on June 20th 2016 11pm EST.

Contest category-specific submission Form

Now is a good time for participants who see their final scans on the Flickr album, to select their top choice to enter for judging.


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