Friday, April 15, 2016

#NoGearNoFear Contest Registration

What happens if I take all ur fancy gear away, can u still be a good photographer? Let's test that with a contest. If you want to jolt yourself out of your comfort zone, shoot a cheap, disposable camera and test your skills around multiple genres, this may just be the fun challenge you were looking for.

And time has come to find out how many of you seriously want to be a part of this #nogearnofear challenge.

Registration Cutoff Date

Only people who have registered for the contest by April 25th 2016 would be eligible to participate.

Contest Details

Contest starts May 1st 2016 and all the Contest details including timelines, rules etc. are available here. Please contact me via twitter for any additional questions you may have.

Registration Form

Please use the form below to accept the challenge, and let me know a bit more about you. Your information will be only used to track your participation and allow me to notify you in case you are a contest winner.

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