Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why I sort of hate the new iPad?

Apple delivered a bland rehash of its iTouch today announcing the iPad, a so-called netbook and kindle/nook killer. It is funny how quickly lack of innovation is evident in this industry. I thought the iPad was an ugly bigger version of the iPod touch. Here are some of the glaring omissions that will make me judge anyone splurging on this. Let's begin:

No HDMI (are you kidding me apple?), not widescreen (its like owning a letterbox tv all over again), no support for Flash will kill browsing experience (and HTML 5 is still 1yr away), and good luck with 2 finger typing unless you like being in fetal position for hours together. Ok what else? Hmmm...there you go, no camera, no multitasking of apps (no tweeting while listening to pandora), and the microSIM will make sure you are stuck with AT&T even though it is "unlocked". Also did not see a mention of any SD card slot, and also for sure does not have USB slots.

And not to mention the iPad jokes that are already doing the rounds. You can sample some of the good ones here.

What the hell were they thinking? If I had an extra 5 to 8 Benjamins lying around, I would probably save those for something better or till the rev 2.0 fixes some of these issues.

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