Wednesday, December 17, 2008

BodyGuardz - The real deal in phone scratch protectors

I have been burnt in the past with Incase skins on my 2g iPhone. First of all they scratched the chrome lining of my phone within a week and no amount of cleaner could undo that. So I was pissed. But you are what your technology offers and hence I had no choice. I removed my Incase skin and vowed not to put on any other fancy skin. But here was the result - I dinged and scratched my iPhone several times since (a) it was too slippery (b) the friction with the keys, and jeans pockets was too much. I resigned to my fate. So much so, I decided against buying a 3g phone since I did not want to slide my sexy phone into some rubberized hell hole and neither did it appeal aesthetically.

Next like a godsend, here is the video that changed my perspective. Now with my new found information about scratch proof transparent skins, I marched on to Device Outfitters in Woodfield mall to get "skinned". Device Outfitters are the first retail store for Bodyguardz and they have a stall (on the first floor right across C.O.Bieglo below and towards left of Apple store).

Here are videos of my conversation with Steve Wilson at the store, who not only did a great job, but was kind enough to give me an interview on Qik live. Find the videos here and here.

Device Outfitters do a free installation of the skin on your phone and also do a full replacement in case you are not happy with the final result. No questions asked. This in itself should be the primary reason the go get it done in person. I strongly recommend Bodyguardz and Device Outfitters. Go for it!

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