Friday, November 03, 2006

Honeymoon with XBox 360 over!

I got my XBox 360 last week thanks to my sweet wife gifting that for Diwali. I was like a child on a Chrismas morning all excited and ready to rock and roll. I invested US$150 approx in buying 3 games too namely NFS, LOTR BFME2, and Battlefield2. After about 4 hrs of playing, my XBox froze while playing NFS.

A quick googling sent shivers in my spine. It is estimated that over a million of the 3 million odd XBoxes shipped in the last year are reportedly having the freeze issue. I tried other games and it did not freeze yet. I will have to confirm whether my NFS disk is the culprit. Buy the reports online are really scary. You can read them at

I am praying that I do not see the "red-circle" which is the synonym for the dreaded blue screen on an XBox 360. I will take a refund (bought it from Lifestyle Stores in Bangalore) and wait for PS3. Maybe my fears are unfounded, but certainly my honeymoon is over!

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