Thursday, July 08, 2004


Looks like SUN has finally arrived or atleast decided to arrive at the Service Oriented Architecture arena.

The software vice president Jonathan Schwartz presided over the the day 1 keynote for Java ONE.
Sun made announcements and showed attendees product demonstration of its next-generation Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) toolset and practice codenamed Kittyhawk. Over the past three years Sun put significant resources into emerging standards around Web Services, Enterprise Beans, Containers, Connectors, XML messaging, business process integration (BPI,) and Web-enabled application development.

Sun is betting that in the near future these technologies will reach a point of confluence. Sun plans for Kittyhawk to provide Java developers and enterprise customers with SOA development tools, implementation frameworks, and expert consultants. In the upcoming days of JavaOne Sun plans several events, including an SOA customer panel, an SOA vendor session, and demonstrations of a new development tool for building Service Oriented Development of Applications (SODA.)

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