Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Bodybuilding for dummies

It has been 3 years since I started bodybuilding (including a lay-off of nearly a year after marriage to Shubha :-)). And from a 225lbs(37% bodyfat) frame to now a 210pounds(23% bodyfat) body has been a journey of great adventure and learning (though a lot more needs to be done, I know).

I started the same as others, i.e. based on zero information on nutrition science and principles of bodybuilding myths. Slowly I started reading up a lot on the net and getting to know the exact details of how nutrition helps and what are the key principles of a bodybuilder.

I must admit that of all the bodybuilding sites that I visited and frequented, the only site that had a huge impression on me was testosterone nation site ( in order to get to the articles, you need to look for a archives link on the top, just mouse-over and you shall get a menu for all the previous years articles.). It had amazing insightful articles on food, nutrition and exercise details.

Also notable of all the authors there was Dr. John Berardi . He is one hell of a sports nutrition evangelist. I respect him a lot and read all his articles. He has single-handedly taken the science of human body to virtually an art form. I love his tips and devour his informative tips.

I have been a great admirer of HIT (High intensity training) evangelized the legendary Mike Mentzer. I have been reading the series on Ironman mag that was carrying a series on HIT. Great alternative bodybuilding funda. I have started the massive intensity and massive resting strategies. I shall post the results.

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